7 years ago, a double murder in the small Town of Brooke Indiana began an intense manhunt leading Marshal Clayton Cooper and the FBI into a dark and ominous search for the Serial Killer known as Blue Eyes. Following a tense horrifying hunt the killer was captured and locked down on death row.

Now, days from his execution, the axis of evil will rise once more. Through the means of inside assistance, the Blue Eyes Killer will taste the sweetness of freedom and end the seven years of peace and tranquility resting in the heart and lives of those involved in his capture. Through the darkness which motivates him, he will once again give birth to the lust and love of killing, and ‘this time’ ‘once and for all’ through the powers of Hell itself, stern determination drives him to accomplish the Sheol inspired goal he MUST fulfill. Hell waits! So, he believes!


A repulsive murder, the strange resurfacing of an Ancient Biblical Event, and a perplexing threat long hidden from the world mysteriously collide; bringing together an improbable team of dedicated law-enforcers. Focused on the hunt for the elusive Serial Killer called ‘Blue Eyes’; the team quickly realizes this man, or whatever he is, not only proves resilient, but possesses a strong contact within the dark confi nes of the Spiritual Realm. And at the very center of it all stands Clayton Cooper, Marshal of the small Indiana town of, Brooke. Cooper is taken by surprise and left bewildered when the world’s most formidable killer calls him personally; as if old friends. Pursuant to the contact, the Marshal is visited by Special FBI Agent Bob Lemus, informing him he has now become the agency’s most promising hope of ever capturing the cold-blooded killer… the FBI’s number one target and magically elusive psychopath known around the world, as ‘Blue Eyes’.

Author’s Bio

Many of the characters found within the ‘Killing Blue Eyes’ trilogy, come from a long run of real personalities. Several based-on men and women author A. Alex Come’ met while serving in the US Marine Corp, US Navy, National Guard and Army Reserve. In addition, as a retired Career Firefighter and Paramedic, personalities and some actual events contribute to his triology. The psychology of Human behavior (especially interesting subject to Come’), plus historical events, and the often want, sometimes needed, journey into that terror, adrenalin packed part of the human brain we call the imagination goes anxious to be opened. Such are the ‘Killing Blue Eyes’ books; they chase the reader straight into dark realms of terror, leaving them with little more than small glimpses of light and hope; of Escape! Enjoy the Read!

Book Reviews

I purchased your book at a signing at Barnes & Nobles in Lafayette In. I read it in 2 days! I loved it. You had said that there would be 2 others to follow. When will that be? You had me stuck to that book like glue. Everything was very clever. It was a true thriller to the end. I lost your card and just found it. So I just wanted to let you know how chilling and satisfying the whole story was.
Thanks for signing my book for me. Can’t wait until the next one…

Kimberly Imus

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first readers of Killing Blue Eyes. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. I have never been a big reader, but I could not put this book down. I finished the book in about 4 days and I was awakened with thoughts of fear after each night of reading and many nights after I finished the read.
A.Alex Come masterfully writes with such a great detail, deeply defining each and every character. The depth of detail of each character allowed the reader to clearly visualize them and connect with each character in many ways. Every time I turned the page something new and unexpected was there to greet me and keep totally enthralled in this awesome thriller.
I cannot say enough about this book Killing Blue Eyes is a must read. I cannot wait for the sequel.

Chris Ryker

From the first page, “Blue Eyes” had me hooked. The intriguing combination of mystery, horror, and science fiction takes your attention by force and doesn’t let go until the last page is finished. The wonderfully frightful imagination of the authors brings vivid illustration to the reader’s mind. It’s more than a novel; it’s like watching a movie as you read. The creative ending leaves me on edge of seat, waiting in line at the bookstore for the sequel.

Brian K. Campbell

West Lafayette, IN

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